IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Meet our Phone IVR System: Auto Attendant, Voice Menu and Opening Hours.


Greet your callers, automatically

Route your calls to the right team.

Set your Working Hours


Opening Hours:


Let your customers know of your opening hours by setting up a message to be played when you are closed. You can also connect your customers to a voicemail or a mobile number for an emergency when your business is closed.

  • Set opening hours,
  • Set closing hours,
  • Set lunchtime if needed,
  • Set weekend’s messages,
IVR Interactive Voice Response - Voice Menu

Create your custom menu:


You can use the IVR system for different reasons. You can set up multiple greeting messages. Also, you can use the Voice Menu for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Per department
  • Per location
  • Per type of request
  • Per language skills
  • Per your needs!

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