Zendesk Integration with NUACOM Cloud Phone System

Connect our Powerful Telephony Features to your Zendesk Account and enhance the way your support team communicates with your clients!

Zendesk Support integrations

Increase Agents’ Productivity


  • Assign calls to an existing tickets while you serve.
  • Create new tickets during the call with a single click.
  • Improve Agent’s Response time and focus on Clients’ needs.

Zendesk Support Phone System Integration with NUACOM

Boost Agents' Performance

Better Customer Service

Satisfied Customers

Zendesk Support Phone System Integration with NUACOM 2

Tickets & Calls, in one place!


  • Have all your call logs displayed in the Zendesk Support Interface.
  • Add notes to call activities and save outcome of your conversation.
  • Call recordings are available directly from Zendesk.

Auto Call Log

Add Call Notes

Call Recording

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