Unleash the Full Potential
of your Sales Team:

Improve the way your Sales Team handle calls for better
connectivity, conversion rates and growth!

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Boost Your Sales Calls:

Call Tags & Notes

Add valuable information to your sales call.


Make more calls with less effort with our click-to-call feature.

Wrap-up time

Give your agents some time between calls to properly work on each request.

Pop Up Incoming Calls

Get all the details of your callers right in front of you in a few seconds.

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Enhance Your Sales Automation:

CRM Integration

Connect your calls to Hubspot, Zoho or another 20+ CRM.

Automated Caller ID

Boost connection ratio with a local presence ID.

Call Recording & Logs

Record your sales calls and access all the details of your deals.

Auto-Dialer (Coming Soon)

List all your prospects and let NUACOM rings one by one, automatically.

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Hubspot Integration

Manage All Your Business Calls:

NUACOM Business Phone System

Live Calls Wallboard

See All Agents Status, Abandoned VS Completed Calls, Waiting List, Agents Performance. See everything that is happening.

Live Call Monitoring

Join and listen to any live call you wish in your organisation. Provide the proper support to your agents on time!

Welcome Message and Voice Menu

Set up your greeting messages per number, voice menu options and automate your call flow.

Opening Hours

Set up the opening hours of your teams, per inquiry, department or simply per office.

Timeout Action

Set up timeout actions per menu option, group of extensions, time-based and stop missing calls.

Call Source

Find out what number and voice menu option your callers are ringing in.

Advanced Call Analytics

Find out Call Volume, Peak Time, Most Active Staff, Extension Usage, Missed Calls, Answered Calls, and more.

50+ Integrations

Connect your phone system with your ticketing system, CRM system, Marketing Tools, Livechat and more.

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Integrate your Sales Calls with 50+ Business Apps:

NUACOM VoIP Phone System Hubspot Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Pipedrive Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Salesforce Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Zoho CRM Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System ZenDesk Integration
NUACOM VoIP Phone System Intercom Integration

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